Anne's Commitments
& Vision for HISD

As promised, since 2017 Anne Sung has used her experience to reform HISD and bring an excellent education to every child in every school. Trustee Sung meets monthly with constituents and visits every school in her district to ensure every voice is heard. She has led the board’s work to develop stronger governance, budgeting, and student-centered education for HISD.

Student Achievement

Anne will continue to champion student achievement, building on progress in college and career readiness and special education and working with our superintendent to new goals to expand early childhood education and help third graders succeed in reading and math.

Math Class
Math Teacher With Face Mask

Competitive Teacher

Anne will continue to advocate for cost containment in HISD’s budget, in order to bring HISD salaries up to par with area districts.


21st Century Schools

HISD’s new high schools provide healthy learning environments that support communication and collaboration. Anne will prioritize a bond, conducted with strict audit oversight to ensure ethical and professional standards, to rebuild our old elementary school buildings without raising taxes.

Playing on the Computer

and Community Voice

Anne will advocate for transparency and for student, teacher, and parent input in all district operations.