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Re-Elect Anne Sung: The Best Choice for Strong Schools

Anne Sung knows that a high quality education is essential to every Houstonian. As a former Teacher of the Year, and education non-profit leader, Trustee Sung knows what it takes for our schools to be successful. She holds the district accountable and demands honest evaluation of spending and academic results, so that we can make the smart investments we need to support our children and our schools.

  • Critical Evaluation of Spending. In a resource scarce environment, HISD must allocate every dollar wisely and carefully. Anne's priority is to get rid of wasteful contracts and excess spending so we can get our taxpayer dollars into the classrooms serving our children directly, lowering class size and increasing meaningful instruction.

  • Strategic Partnerships. Anne Sung is committed to maximizing your taxpayer dollars by leveraging community resources and business partnerships to strengthen our schools.

  • College and Career Readiness. True education is more than preparing for standardized tests. Anne Sung supports a challenging curriculum and limiting class size, giving students 21st-century skills necessary for college and career.

  • Strong Principals and Teachers. Anne Sung believes in providing educators with relevant professional development and competitive salaries so that we keep our strongest teachers in HISD.

  • Reform Special Education. Families with children with special needs deserve to be treated with respect and given access to a quality education as required by law. Anne Sung will continue to work to reform Special Education in HISD.

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Paula Arnold, Treasurer
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